The Service Leader is a management consultancy focused on the creation and delivery of cross-functional Customer Service, Customer Experience, Business Operations, Organizational/Process Transformation, and Change Management solutions.

We help you by analyzing, creating, and implementing…
•   Service and experience strategies and operations
•   Cross-functional business process improvements; DMAIC, ERM, Kotter
•   Functional project and program management initiatives
•   Organizational Change Management (OCM) readiness, training, coaching and communications programs

Recent client work includes…
•   Implemented workforce management tools at a global insurance shared services operation in Manila resulting in a 20% redeployment of resources.
•  Designed and implemented compliant cross-functional process improvements in a global medical device company resulting in improved customer satisfaction, improved performance, 25% annual expense reduction, reduced headcount, and improved employee retention.
•   Implemented workforce management tools at a US-based mortgage underwriting business.  Collected and analyzed data, and assisted in the development of their new customer experience program development.

Broad and deep experience helping small, medium, and large public, private and non-profit companies.  Multi-country experience; captive, outsourced, and shared services operations.

We offer flexible customized approaches to help you and your teams solve your strategic and operational customer service, customer experience, and operational issues.


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