Democracy: The Ultimate Customer Experience Strategy

Originally published on CustomerMgtIQ’s website.

“The US Gov needs a #CX touch point assessment. Seems the GOPs and the DEMs are no different than siloes in companies where bonuses and infrastructure aren’t aligned and where each person in their silo is desperately clinging to their own jobs. It’s driving me NUTS!!!” – @MaryMarkowicz

Read the entire article…   Democracy – The Ultimate Customer Experience Strategy


Mary Ann Markowicz is interviewed by Catherine Johns on the topic of Customer Experience during a recent Linked Local Network Blog Talk Radio event.


The Service Leader is syndicated on customerTHINK.


 Thought Leaders Drive Their Markets AAM Nov 2007

Published in AAM’s newsletter, I discuss the primary steps and components of becoming a Thought Leader.  Although this article was originally written for a consultant/Partner audience, the same principles hold for anyone who wishes to be recognized in their market as a Thought Leader.

What’s missing from this article?  Blogs.  Back in 2007 when this article was published, blogging and social media were just getting started and no one knew how to leverage this communications channel.  Oh how times have changed!


Quoted in the Wall Street Journal

Ex-Andersen Staff Still Struggles After Layoffs WSJ On Line 2004

After Arthur Andersen closed shop, all of its employees went on to join other firms or do other things.  I joined Crowe Chizek (now Crowe Horwath) along with a few of my Partners and colleagues.  A few years later, Jeffrey Zaslow, reporter at WSJ, followed me and asked for an interview on how we ex-Andersenites fared during the transition.



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