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May 7 2013d croppedMary Ann Markowicz is the Managing Director of The Service Leader, a management consultancy that helps companies improve their customers’ experiences.  In this capacity, Mary Ann and her team work with organizational leadership to design, implement, measure, and improve multi-channel customer touch points.

Prior to founding The Service Leader, Mary Ann acquired a broad range of experience as an in-house department head and external consultant; working with small, medium, and large non-profit, SEC registered, and private companies in multiple industries.  She was a successful customer-focused in-house executive at Sunstar Americas, Culligan International, and Follett Software, and was a global Subject Matter Expert at Arthur Andersen and Crowe Horwath.

Passionate about all things customer focused, she publishes regularly on her syndicated blog The Service Leader, Tweets on @MaryMarkowicz, and posts on The Service Leader Facebook page and on Pinterest.

Mary Ann attended Northwestern University, is a certified customer service professional, is a certified professional coach, and is a Six Sigma Black Belt/Lean certification candidate.

In her personal time Mary Ann enjoys art, photography, travel, reading, hiking in Sedona, and exploring new beaches in the Caribbean.

You can see Mary Ann’s profile on LinkedIn and About.me.

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