Asurion Publishes Customer Survey Scores on Their Website

Asurion, a mobile device protection company, is publishing their customer survey feedback scores and their customers’ comments on their website.  Bold and market differentiating move on Asurion’s part.  As I’ve not seen this transparent approach on other websites, I wonder if other companies are doing this and/or if this is now the new Best Practice.



On closer inspection, there is a small icon that indicates a company by the name of Mindshare Technologies administers and certifies Asurion customer survey data.



Not only does Mindshare collect survey data, but their website shows that they have created a fully seamless survey process that even includes speech and speech-to-text reporting.  How wonderful it would be if this easy seamless approach could reduce customer survey fatigue and bring more customer voices into an organization.

Good Job Asurion and Mindshare Technologies!

Disclaimer – I am not affiliated with or have any financial interest in either Asurion or Mindshare Technologies.  Please consult with your trusted advisor to determine whether any technology is appropriate for your organization.

© Mary Ann Markowicz


2 thoughts on “Asurion Publishes Customer Survey Scores on Their Website

  1. Nationwide Building Society in the UK publish this as well for their branch, telephone and internet channels.

    I think it’s great that brands chose to do this – it shows a great deal of transparency and helps to build trust.

    • Thanks for sharing this, Jase. Interestingly, Nationwide has an entire web page devoted to their scores – including an option for comparing past to current performance – instead of simply showing a graphic. Excellent!

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