GoDaddy Offers Improved Seamless Effortless On-Line Service

One of the topics CS/CX leaders think about often is how to make service seamless and effortless, which of course ultimately creates a great customer experience and can reduce service-related expenses. recently added an interesting feature to their account management screens, which helps customers determine whether or not they wish to leave on-line self-help and call GoDaddy’s support teams.

In the right column, there are a few pieces of information that answers questions we all think to ourselves when we’re searching for information even on other sites.

  1. Is GoDaddy’s system having problems?
  2. If I call GoDaddy’s customer support team, how long will I wait in the ACD queue?
  3. What in the heck IS the customer support number to call GoDaddy’s support team and when are they open?
  4. How can I avoid calling customer support?

Here’s the screen shot from my GoDaddy account.  Today, I was trying to cancel some services because I no longer needed them.  You can see these four questions answered in the right column.



There are no known system problems as of the specific date and time posted, the ACD queue wait time could be 3 minutes, and the telephone number to 24/7 support is 480-505-8877.

The options to avoid a call to customer support include creating an on-line ticket or going to user forums.

Ingenious?  No.  Simple, elegant, useful, functional, insightful, thoughtful, user-friendly, and customer focused?  Absolutely yes.  Connecting on-line support to ACD queue wait time is great.  Offering options to get additional help when and where you need the help is a thing of joy.

Seamless and effortless.  Simple and probably really easy to implement.  Great service doesn’t HAVE to be expensive.

Good job, GoDaddy!

Disclosure statement.  I do have an account with GoDaddy and I pay for services just like everyone else does.  I have no current or future financial interests in the GoDaddy company.


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