Thank You Steve Jobs

Tonight, a brave, bold, daring, visionary man died and there is a gaping hole in our world that cannot be filled.

No matter what has been said about Steve Jobs throughout the years, I think that no one can dispute that he served in a way that had customers following him with a commitment and fervor that is enviable.

The products that he and his teams created and sold were beyond what any focus group or market research study could ever articulate.  Today, I have a smartphone that is essentially a telephone, camera, video cam, and handheld computer all in one device, and it’s light, reliable, and fast.

If you were in a focus group in the 1980s, and the moderator asked you what tools you needed to make your life simpler, better, faster, and more mobile, would you have said a hand-held smartphone?  Not even close.

So I raise my proverbial glass tonight, to Steve Jobs.  The man who originally partnered with Bill Gates, the man who rose and fell and rose again.  The man who gave us incredibly well designed products and services.  And the man who saw beyond today, into tomorrow, and made it all come true.

Steve, you changed the world by helping us become more connected, more mobile, better informed, and very well entertained.

We are ALL better for the service you gave us.

Thank you and rest in Peace, Steve; 1955 – 2011.

Photo courtesy Apple’s website.



2 thoughts on “Thank You Steve Jobs

  1. Amen, and thank you, Mary Ann, for this memorial to a life well lived. Jobs was a true visionary who leaves behind an enduring legacy. His passionate dedication to innovation, quality products, and extraordinary service enriched the world and defined one of the world’s most compelling and successful corporate stories. We’re all indebted to him.

    • Do you think that Steve will have influence on re-designing ‘The After Life’? Would be funny if when we all got there, we were handed ethereal iPods/iPads for a quick Skype-like conference call to The Main Dude and all of our Spirit Guides (however we all define those terms).

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