Levi’s Announces Functional Clothing Line for Cyclists

Levi’s announces their new line of clothing called The Commuter.  The Commuter line is all about customers who are cyclists or would be cyclists if it were somehow easier to cycle.

These clothes have built-in features such as reflection tape, stylish utility waistband for hanging a bicycle lock, stretchy jean fabric, water repellant material, and a host of other innovative ideas.

The benefits of this clothing line are focused on the Levi customer who either uses their bike for pleasure or to commute, reduces the barriers to bicycle usage, and are clearly aligned with Levi’s sustainability goals as stated on their corporate website.

“Maximizing energy efficiency and addressing climate change lie at the heart of our efforts to restore the planet.  We have been and will continue to be outspoken champions for public policies aimed at reducing greenhouse gases.”

Levi’s has turned the simple blue jean into a smart, functional, easy to use, customer focused, environmentally aligned, ethically produced, reasonably priced, stylish product.  And isn’t that what service leadership is really all about?!?!?

Hey Levi’s!  How about built in fiber solar cells to peddle the bike?!?!  Customers never stop wanting more, do we?


© 2011 Mary Ann Markowicz

4 thoughts on “Levi’s Announces Functional Clothing Line for Cyclists

  1. Its good to see. In year 2000 as the head of research for Levi Strauss I talked about sustainable product design and that there will come reaction on global corporations exploiting global resources and it did all my presentation are on my blog. I think you would like my series on The Original Environmentalist this last one are about o the modern father of environmentalist who did follow his principles Gandhi so http://wp.me/p1keER-OK thanks and enjoy

  2. I hope the inside tag doesn’t say “Made in Honduras” or some other non-union sweat shop location.
    It would be great if the leg cuff were narrow enough not to get caught up in the chain.
    Looks like we have to check this product out! Might be great.

    • I do hope you are right, Oh Great Flying Cuttlefish, and these jeans were made in the US. The good news is that the pictures look like these are slim cut legs just so they don’t get caught in chains or guards. Hopefully not sooo tight though, that you can’t roll up the bottoms at night to expose the reflector tape. Of course, if you are built like the Old Spice Guy, then you might have a problem with slim cut legs on any jean! 🙂

      Seriously, if you get and use a pair of these jeans, let me/us know if Levi’s REALLY did a great design/service job, or if this is all hype on their part.


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