Walgreens Announces New Service – Web Pickup

Walgreens has just elevated the definition of ‘convenience store’ to new heights and I think this is wonderful.

Announcing Web Pickup; a service that is sharply customer focused, from the customer’s perspective.

On its new and improved website, customers can select products, renew prescriptions, upload camera picture files for printing, see appropriate targeted coupons, and pay for the order all at the same time.  Once the entire order is placed, a Walgreens sales clerk – now probably a Walgreens concierge – completes the order and prepares it for the customer to pick up.

That’s right – the customer never has to go into the store to pick anything up – it’s all done for them (or should I say us) and they/we simply drive through and pick-up.

Yes, they have a mobile application that a customer can download too.  It includes a shopping list, weekly ads section, store locator, clinic locator, and the ability to refill prescriptions by simply scanning the bar code on a prescription bottle with a smartphone and sending the scan along with the order.

Of course Walgreens will benefit from customers that purchase through their accounts by being able to better target marketing initiatives based on purchase history and any other data they overlay onto customers’ files, but from a service perspective, this is brilliant and a beautiful illustration of what meaningful thought and maximizing technology can do.

Good job, Walgreens!


© 2011 Mary Ann Markowicz

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