Hello world!

Hello and welcome to The Service Leader’s blog.

My intention in creating this forum is to open dialog about and share observations on the world of servicing customers.  Why?  Because most publications and educational experiences focus on finance, marketing, human resources, or supply chain but little is taught or even acknowledged about service.  Having worked in the service business for 20+ years, I am concerned enough to now dedicate time to furthering the service cause.

So what is that elusive service experience that everyone wants?  Who gives it and how do they do it?  What is happening in the world as relates to service?  And how can service leaders drive superior service experiences in the organizations they work for or consult to?

Service is everywhere – whether it’s stupendous, good, average, mediocre, or ugly –  it’s there.

Let’s stop focusing the service dialog on reducing per-transaction costs and headcount and let’s start talking about better ways to deliver service.



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